How We Work


Inland Northwest Land Conservancy works with willing private landowners who wish to conserve their own land. We work with partners - landowners, other conservation groups, and government agencies - to conserve the special places that nourish wildlife and preserve the clean air, clean waters, and scenic beauty of our region. 


Our primary tool is a donated conservation easement. But we also help conservation partners acquire or restore land for conservation and recreation. 



Conservation Easements

A conservation easement is one of many tools landowners may use to protect what they value about their property and to support the future of the Inland Northwest way of life. A conservation easement is a permanent legal agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization. This legal agreement permanently limits development to preserve specific conservation values and traditional uses. When a landowner places a conservation easement on his or her property, the property remains in their private ownership.



Partnerships for Public Lands


Connecting people with nature is a crucial part of INLC‘s mission. In addition to holding easements on private land, we partner with other organizations to help expand public parks and recreational opportunities. The Trautman property, now a part of Riverside State Park through Spokane County’s Conservation Futures program, is one example of beautiful, protected land open for the public to hike, bike, run, picnic and enjoy.





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