Enhanced Stewardship Program


Welcome to Enhanced Stewardship - where science and action meet to make a difference. In Enhanced Stewardship, we have three goals:


  1. To gain landscape knowledge through on-the-ground research, citizen science, and technological aids;

  2. To bring the Inland Northwest to the forefront of Climate Action through strategic land use management and restoration; and

  3. To engage as many people in the research, restoration, and Climate Action process as possible! 

Are you an explorer? A scientist? A forest-sitter? A wildlife watcher? A project master? Whatever your interest, the Volunteer Land Steward program will awaken your passion. Adopt a property through INLC to monitor the health of the habitats, educate recreationalists about proper land uses, and plan and execute restoration projects! 


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Want to spend some time with the Stewardship Crew and learn a bit more about the lands INLC has protected? The first Friday of each month will be dedicated to exploring important conservation lands, doing the annual monitoring, and completing a restoration project on the land. As we walk and work, we’ll discuss noxious weeds, local geology, wildlife biology, aquatic ecology, local history, and more!


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